George Monbiot

George Monbiot is a journalist, an author and one of our most respected radical political activists. He is the author of three travel books, including No Man’s Land: An Investigative Journey Through Kenya and Tanzania.  Latterly, Captive State, concerning the corporate takeover of Britain, has been hugely successful and influential.  The Age of Consent: A Manifesto for a New World Order, examines and questions the democratic basis of the UN, WTO and IMF, and boldly issues a call for worldwide social justice.


His book, Heat: How to Stop the Planet Burning, published in 2006,  answers the question now being asked everywhere: given that climate change threatens the conditions that make human life possible, what can be done to prevent it? It is the first politically feasible account of how the rich nations could achieve a 90% cut in greenhouse gases. Bring on the Apocalypse, a collection of his columns from The Guardian, was published in 2008.