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Candida Crewe

eating-myselfEating Myself

Beautifully written and wickedly honest, a memoir of one woman’s ‘normal-abnormal’ relationship with food.
Candida Crewe wonders whether there’s anything ‘normal’ about any woman’s relationship with food and weight. While she now appears enviably slim to everyone but herself, Candida has always worried, sometimes obsessed, about her weight. Eating Myself chronicles her life with food and argues convincingly that while the details obviously differ, the story of her everyday struggle with weight is the story of Everywoman.

When she realised she was bored with both herself and her ‘normal’ but tedious relationship with food she set about discovering that there was more to life than constantly thinking about what she ate or daren't, even though the sight of a much thinner friend cart-wheeling in just a bikini could still induce a half-hour lie-down and a non-existent lunch.

Eating Myself is an extraordinary and personal book, but one which will touch many readers, while echoing the feelings and behaviour of many more. And still others will be deeply shocked by why it’s no longer unusual to regard food as an enemy.


“Beautifully written, often wonderfully funny, and packed with acute observations about the wobbly underbelly of female anxiety.”   Kate Saunders, Sunday Times.

“Compelling reading... A book Bursting with colour and crackling with edgy, ironic wit.” Daily Mail

“One of the great things about this book is the way she explains, using lots of anecdotes, how it is possible to be slim, and yet to feel fat... Brave, revealing and shocking.” William Leith, The Guardian

Published by

UK / Bloomsbury

Poland / Zysk