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Michael Bracewell

remake_remodelRemake / Remodel

Re-Make / Re-Model tells the extraordinary and largely unknown story of the individuals and circumstances that would lead over a period of almost twenty years to the formation of Roxy Music — a group in which art, fashion and music would combine to create in the words of its inventor, Bryan Ferry, “above all, a state of mind”.

Written with the assistance, for the first time, of all of those involved, including Bryan Ferry, Brian Eno, Andy Mackay and Phil Manzanera; the fashion designer Antony Price, the founding guru of Pop art, and Bryan Ferry’s tutor, Richard Hamilton, and many more, Re-make/Re-model is also the account of how Pop art, the avant garde underground of the 1960s, and the heady slipstream of London in the Sixties was transformed into the fashion cults of revivalism, nostalgia and pop futurism in the early 1970s.


“Michael Bracewell's exquisitely written biography of Roxy Music, Re-make/Re-model (Faber), is a revelation and a vindication, as much a work of art as its subject. Bracewell's poetic analysis is proof that the 1970s was not the decade that taste forgot; rather, it defined the culture within which we now live.”
Philip Hoare, The Guardian

“The difference with Bracewell's re-telling of Roxy is that he has interviewed (or referenced) nearly EVERYONE, core and periphery; and what he reveals is not just the story of this album and these people — it's also, in its unlikely way, the story of these isles, and their post-war journey from grey austerity to 70s glam bang... ”
Ian Penman, The Wire

“Extensive interviews with the principals and their numerous associates serve to reconstruct (amazingly, for any book about pop music) the collective invention of the Roxy moment. What emerges — slowly, forensically, stylishly — is nothing less than a portrait of cultural possibilities in Britain during the postwar period.”
Brian Dillon, The New Statesman

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UK / Faber & Faber

US / Da Capo