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Gwyneth Lewis

GL-Keith-MorrisGwyneth Lewis was Wales’s National Poet from 2005-06, the first writer to be given the Welsh laureateship.
She has published 8 books of poetry in Welsh and English, the most recent of these is Sparrow Tree.
Chaotic Angels brings together the poems from her 3 English collections.
She has won the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival Prize and has twice been shortlisted for the Forward Prize.
In addition to her poetry, she is a librettist and radio dramatist and has also published 2 works of non fiction, Sunbathing in the Rain: A Cheerful Book on Depression, shortlisted for the Mind Book of the Year, and Two in a Boat: A Marital Voyage.


Sparrow Tree
Two in a Boat
Sunbathing in the Rain
The Meat Tree
The Meat Tree
Chaotic Angels