Michael Spitzer

Michael Spitzer is Professor of Music and Head of School at the University of Liverpool. Michael is interested both in how music works as an object of expression and reflection, and how musical materials are grounded in the everyday world of human emotion and ideas. His first book Metaphor and Musical Thought garnered high praise: “A virtuosic work of intellectual history” and “an intellectual journey that often left me breathless, but grateful for the ride.” His latest, A History of Emotion in Western Music will shortly be published by OUP.


In addition to his more scholarly output, he has written articles for the popular audience in The Conversation, and appeared in the BBC documentary How Music Makes Us Feel for the series Imagine, with Alan Yentob. He is now writing a major new ‘big history’ of music and musicality, the story of our own (and other) species’ relationship with music, across evolutionary time. The Musical Human will be published by Bloomsbury.